What’s Different about P.I.V.O.T?

The P.I.V.O.T sales training framework enables organisations of all sizes to customize, normalize and quantify sales conversations and behaviors at every stage of the sales cycle. We help you sell more.

  • Sales is about people. Unlike virtually all other sales training courses, Psychology underscores all elements of the P.I.V.O.T sales framework. From understanding how as individuals sales people learn to how they communicate value to different personality types and consensus builders in an organisation; psychology must play a key role.
  • P.I.V.O.T was conceived and developed by Zak Rubinstein, a highly skilled trainer with 1000s of hours of training sales people at all levels from around the world. Additionally, with real life experience and success at sales, the facilitators ensure that sessions are highly relevant and deal with the modern challenges of selling.
  • P.I.V.O.T is about leveraging and analysing real life examples can case studies, not contrived role plays. So days working on the P.I.V.O.T framework is at once customized to an organisations needs but highly practical and therefore leads to tangible business results.
  • P.I.V.O.T is run by Zak Rubinstein, an extremely entertaining and fun public speaker, with mastery over multiple knowledge transfer techniques to ensure continued enjoyment and learning retention

What Clients are saying

From EMEA to US to Asia, Zak has trained all over the world to multiple cultures and multiple types of sales teams.

From LinkedIn – Please see LinkedIn for relevant context for training sessions.

Atif Ahmed – VP Sales EMEA, Cyren
We had Zak Rubinstein to train our sales people…and it was really insightful. He’s a great trainer, the team has been really engaged, the content fantastic, and has really hit the sweet-spot for what we are trying to achieve.

Chris Warfield – Sr VP Sales and Marketing, Sayers
We short-listed Zak to train our sales team due to his reputation and his unique ability to customize his training to our needs both in format and industry content. His understanding of human behavior and what drives successful sales in the current enterprise market, has proven to be thought provoking, insightful, entertaining and highly valuable for our sales team members, regardless of experience. Leveraging insights that uniquely positions us in the market, Zak worked with sales managers and marketing to ensure our sales people are well positioned to be consultative in enterprises of all sizes.

Chris Quinn – Now VP of Sales East at Check Point Software Technologies
Zak is extremely energetic, passionate, objective, knowledgeable and collaborative; which has resulted in very focused, high quality training engagements with my team. His programs have facilitated growth and sales process improvements across my team, which ultimately has had a very positive impact on quantitative results.

Pedro Paixaio – Now GM LATAM at Fortinet
‘I hired Zak to train my sales team, and the results were outstanding. Zak’s examples and exercises were incorporated in our weekly reports and I feel that the team is working better together and speaking the same language after the training. The end result was great’

Ed Bond – Now SE Manager, Named Accounts, West US at Palo Alto Networks
In the end, sales is about people, and understanding people’s motivations, strengths and weaknesses is Zak’s wheelhouse. He doesn’t come in with a one-size-fits-all approach and tries to shove that down anyone’s throat; he wets his finger, holds it up in the air and tailors his message dynamically using his extensive knowledge of the merger of methodology and a deep understanding of human nature.

Stuart Taylor – Now Regional Director – Channel at Intel Security
During my 10 years in the IT industry I have been on many training courses. Rarely does a trainer engage you in the way Zak does. The research and preparation carried out before courseware is developed and delivered is second to none. He is able to develop a rapport with his delegates immediately and his enthusiasm for his work shines through, instilling that same enthusiasm and drive into his delegates. I have often left training courses thankful that its over and I can get on with the work at hand. Not so with Zak, who inspires people to think deeper, further and uses the coursers as a platform for real development.

Steve Macdonald – Now Sales Manager – Australia & New Zealand, Cloud Security
Zak has a rare and uncanny ability of being able to directly connect with, then maintain the engagement of a highly diverse audience, from the most detail focused engineer, through to the “larger than life” sales executive.

Kevin Brenan – Senior Leadership – IT Sales and Business Development
Zak did a fantastic job and brought with him a comprehensive program plan he developed that delivered very useful and relevant content that kept the group very engaged and energized.

Adam Lewis, CEO, Apploi
Zak gave a fantastic series of workshops to our Business Development team that were very well received.
We have also noticed some deals that have closed as a direct result of this training. The participants found the training useful for both new business as well as account management. Zak has a vast breadth of knowledge, built from both practical experience as well as devising his own models and processes. I look forward to continuing to work with Zak.

Understanding Human Behavior

Like most sales people I am driven by targets and success. I need to know where I am going to get to, and create a plan to get there in as short, but yet efficient way as possible. I need numbers to help me measure that success and my progression along the way. I am inspired by other peoples success and like to learn how they did it in a way that applies to me. However, stories are not enough – how do we measure those stories? As a manager, how can I measure my experience and the experience of those that work for me to drive growth, especially within enterprise accounts? Being passionate about psychology and training others to supersede their dreams, finding the right way, and individualizing my approach per attendee is key to what I do. Selling is not just about manipulating customers into decisions that help you increase your accelerators; effective selling is about helping the customers to help you understand how your solutions help them solve their most pressing needs, and making sure you come out on top.

3 to the power of 4 – A Strategy for Conversation

When entering a conversation, often sales people are thinking ‘ok, whats this customer’s key wins – i am going to show them how they can achieve them by adopting my solution’. However, humans are more complex then that. Before offering a solution, you really need to lead the conversation in a certain way depending on your conversing partner. You want to navigate the conversation through specific stages, to help the customer self realize the solution for themselves. How you do that needs to be skillfully planned, with a very keen eye on their communication preferences.  One of the most famous philosopher/psychologists of all time, Carl Jung gave us a blueprint to understand personality theory. From this we can deduce how different personalities like to have information presented to them for maximum effect.

Training Courses

The following ‘off the shelf’ courses are available, with customization as per customer requirements.
  • Consultative Selling (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Enhancing Lead Qualification Skills for Inside Sales (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Selling at Conferences (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Communication Skills (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Presentation Skills (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Sales Foundation Course (P.I.V.O.T based)
  • Negotiation Skills

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